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Recruiting the highest caliber candidates for our Client Companies
Candidate Services
Respecting the needs of the applicant

The most important feature we offer to candidates is our straight forward and honest approach. We are completely confidential with the information you supply us and will not ever breach your trust. Your confidence in our abilities is very important to us. We will advise you if the timing is right to look for a new position or if you should stay where you are. In addition, we will never “sell” you on a company for our benefit, we are only interested in a win-win for both parties. Our track record and reputation proves our commitment to you.

How We Work

When you apply to Grant Consultants, Ltd., please be assured that your application will be kept confidential. Our primary goal when assisting in your job search is to earn your trust and help you find a suitable match with one of our client companies for a long term relationship.

We are not in the business of writing resumes, but we are happy to share our expertise regarding what to add to resumes and how to present the resume material. There is no need to spend any money on creating a resume; a resume will not get you hired.

Please keep in mind we have no control over the timing of our being hired to fill positions. We will contact you directly by phone or email when we receive a position that is in your area of interest and location. Generally speaking, we will only contact you for specific openings. We will keep you on our active file until there is a change in your status. We will do our best to make a sincere match and will only send your resume out with your permission.

When applying to us, please be as honest and forthcoming as possible. Our reputation is also on the line, and just as we would not misrepresent a client company to you, we will not misrepresent your qualifications to our client. So please, be honest with us. Be prepared to have proper documentation regarding your financial/salary history, in the event one of our company clients should request it.

We look forward to assisting you in your confidential job search. Hopefully it will be mutually beneficial.

* Resumes are never sent to a potential employer without your permission.

* We match up candidates with companies which hold the most similar values.

* You remain in our data bank unless you relocate and don’t update our office.


“Susan and Bonnie at Grant consultants are the Premier recruiters in the A&D industry, I recommend them to everyone I know!! I have them to thank for my current job. They were a great sounding board when I was going through a very lengthy interview process, are well networked, extremely professional and knowledgeable about all aspects of the interview cycle. They are truly invested in your success and an absolute joy to work with.

Lisa C. - National Sales Manager, J Josephson


Grant Consultants has been with me from the beginning of my career in the commercial flooring industry, 21 years later they are finding talented candidates for my sales team. Susan & Bonnie are professional, personable and dependable, I consider them a pivotal part of my team and success.

Brian O. - Regional Vice President, Bentley Mills

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